What we offer

What we offer

We provide services to campaigns and organizations whose goals are clearly aligned with public good. We do not develop or test messages that are false, misleading, or that incite exclusionary attitudes or violence. If you’re interested in working with us, reach out to team@rhetorical.org


Crowdvocate.org is our platform for crowdsourced messaging. Crowdvocate helps organizations with exploratory message development, by hosting tournaments where diverse users compete to write novel and high-impact messages.

To sponsor a tournament, a client defines the target audience and outcome (e.g. attitude or belief), and then our panel of hundreds of users attempt to design the most impactful message for moving the outcome. We efficiently test the messages using adaptive randomized experiments, award prizes to the winning users, and share all results with the sponsoring organization.

AI prediction

We’ve developed an AI model to predict the impact of a given message on public attitudes and beliefs, validated on an extensive dataset of existing social science research. We use this model internally when conducting our own adaptive experiments, but also offer access to the same model directly through a web interface or an API.

The model takes as input a target attitude, a target audience, and a set of messages - then outputs the predicted effect of each message. Please get in touch to request access.


We are academic researchers with extensive expertise in the design and analysis of randomized survey experiments to measure the effects of messaging on public attitudes and beliefs. We have particular expertise in bespoke and technical tools such as adaptive experiments comparing a large number of messages (100+), identification of heterogeneous effects for microtargeted messaging, measurement of effect persistence through multi-wave panel experiments, and experiments involving AI-generated or factorial treatments.

For less bespoke projects such as rapid message tests comparing a set of hand-designed messages or videos via randomized survey experiments, we suggest organizations work with Swayable, GrowProgress, or Blue Rose Research.