Luke Hewitt (Co-director) Ph.D., Machine Learning / Cognitive Science (MIT)

Luke is a researcher at Stanford in the Polarisation and Social Change Lab. Before that he worked on scalable Bayesian methods for machine learning at MIT, and on public opinion measurement at Swayable where he developed national electoral polling and RCT ad-testing methods for the 2020 U.S. election.


Ben Tappin (Co-director) Ph.D., Experimental Psychology (University of London)

Ben is a research affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Leverhulme Trust research fellow. He has expertise in political psychology, attitude change and research methods.


Jenny Allen Ph.D. student, Marketing (MIT)

Jenny’s research spans health misinformation, political persuasion, and crowdsourcing. She has previously worked at Facebook as a software engineer in the News team, at Microsoft Research in the Computational Social Science Group, and at ACRONYM during the 2020 U.S. election.


Reed Orchinik Ph.D. student, Marketing (MIT)

Reed’s research focuses on developing models of belief-updating and decision-making and their practical implications, especially related to climate change. He previously studied Economics and Political Science, and worked as a senior research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Scientific advisory board

David Rand | Professor, MIT Expertise: Misinformation Crowdsourcing

Robb Willer | Professor, Stanford University Expertise: Political Polarization Social Change

Joshua Greene | Professor, Harvard University Expertise: Moral cognition

Jacob Rode | Assistant Professor, Chapman University Expertise: Climate communication

Charles Senteio | Associate Professor, Rutgers University Expertise: Health communication