South Park Commons

For the SPC Founder Fellowship application, a couple of links (please don’t share beyond SPC team!)

  1. crowdvocate.org (invites codes: sglhzyTizRVfUaVA, venLGU22gETzvZmA, c2YUi5vV6iMtJ2n) If no tournaments are open when you visit, then see demo.crowdvocate.org This is a platform that we built for running advocacy crowdsourcing tournaments. The basic setup is: a campaign writes the specifications for a tournament, our users complete to write the most persuasive message that meets their specification (and also to predict which of other users’ submissions will be most effective), then we test all the messages in an adaptive A/B test. The winners get a cash prize and the campaign gets the results.
  2. critic.rhetorical.org (login: spc/founderfellowship) This is a rough demo of a web tool I’m currently building, for campaigns/researchers to get feedback on the likely impact of their messages. The tool currently uses the GPT-4-based model that we describe in our paper, but I’m planning to replace this soon with a custom fine-tuned model that should be even more accurate.